Back in the Saddle…umm, boats?… Again

So I signed on with this Around the World Blog thing where bloggers around the world are mutually tracking their mileage (or in this case, kilometerage?) and all setting a goal for how far they want to run over 3 months.  I set mine for 150 KM.  I think…  that’s only 90 miles.  Hmmm…  was it maybe for 2 months?  Maybe I set it higher, I don’t remember now.  I have to dig into that.  Point is, that wasn’t a great start to the whole journey considering I hadn’t run yet this month.

Getting a couple of bugs and then being very occupied with some personal stuff I won’t go into has had me a bit shut down.  I did get a few trips to work and back on my bike, that helps a little, but yeah, it’s been slow.  Strike that.  Slow means I did something.  Non existent would be the accurate terminology.

The worst thing is when you’re totally ready for a great weekend and then the bug hits and completely knocks you off your feet.  I don’t know what it was.  It actually acted more like food poisoning, fortunately it was fairly fast acting like that, but still, I don’t think it was that just because the rest of the family’s getting it in a pattern that’s more like what comes with a virus or something.  Nasty but brief little bugger.  So it was a pretty great feeling to wake up today with a decent amount of energy, and the day was A. MAZE. ING.  Oh my.

The good news is I got some new shoes.  I’m stoked about these puppies.  Not so much in the shoes themselves, I don’t know that shoes have ever really done it for me, you know?  A couple years ago I pronated so bad I was in these super supportive Brooks Addictions.  So when I checked things out this time around, I was in neutral shoes.  I didn’t need all that support.  No pronation.  No foot flopping side to side.  It’s kind of one of those small victory things that feels pretty good, having gained the kind of strength that I can get into normal shoes.  So I got these Mizuno’s – not as much cushioning, and did I mention they are freaking boats?  Size 14 does that.  I think I’ll rent my old shoes out as skis, help pay for these puppies.

2014-03-10 18.12.54 1969130_10203328895847819_1546452089_n


I’m sure, somewhere, sometime, I mean I’m almost positive that I swore to myself I wouldn’t post pictures of my new shoes on my blog.

I can’t find it in writing though, so I guess it can stay.

And I ran.  Finally.  Limited to a 5K just because I didn’t want to go further on the first day in these shoes.  They.  Were.  Great.  Or maybe just running was great.

Maybe it wasn’t THAT great.  Let’s face it, I could feel the rust.  I started out the first mile fairly slow cuz it took awhile to just get a rhythm.  You know how sometimes you start out and it just feels sometimes like all your feet are doing is thud thud thud?  Yeah, that was me for a bit, I felt so stilted and awkward.  But by mile 2, it was feeling pretty smooth.  And at the end of the 3.1 I had kicked it up a bit and felt great as far as energy.  I think there were some after affects of the bug as I was breathing harder than I usually do – again, that rust too I’m sure.  But you know, even after pushing myself a bit more on pace, I felt like I could keep it going, maybe for a little while.  By the end, I just felt good.

And still do.

Must be the shoes.


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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