At least it’s better than the dreadmill

I feel incredible about having done the half marathon last year.  Yeah, yeah, I’m beating that drum like a dead horse.  Somebody PLEASE get this guy to quit droning on and on about his half marathon?  PLEASE???  It’s over already!  Great, you did it, move on.

There is something to that you know.  It’s good to feel good about your accomplishments.  It’s not good to be stuck on your accomplishments.  There’s a lot more left in life TO accomplish.  I do need to be mindful of that.  

And I had no idea I was even going there when I started this post.  This is not unusual for me.  Maybe not surprising to you if you’ve read much of my blog before.  Soooo….   back to where I was intending to go.

I feel almost as incredible about having accomplished the training without a huge injury.  Doing something to my legs or ankles or anything else would have been devastating because of how badly I wanted to get this half marathon accomplished.  That has led me to be extremely mindful when it comes to guarding against injury.  I probably over obsessed on form for that reason.  I probably ran slower than I need to for that reason.  I had times where I shut down a run because I could feel something wasn’t right.  Maybe I didn’t need to, but I don’t regret it either because I can look back now and be so glad to have been able to keep running without some doctor ordered rest.  

Some of that obsessiveness comes out after it’s snowed.  It was a great day yesterday actually here in Denver — people think that Denver is cold and snowy 8 months of the year and you’d be amazed how mild the winters really are here.  I’ve lived here nearly 6 years now and I’m still amazed.  BUT…  we do still get snow.  And while the roads and walks are mostly good, there’s still this nasty stuff called ice and I’m sorry, but I’ve had enough troubles walking on the stuff in my life, I sure as all get out don’t need to compound the situation by moving faster and thus being less in control. 

We’ve been members of the local Y for a little bit now.  I’ve always known they had an indoor track.  I’ve never really tried it though.  It’s short, 17 laps for a mile.  It looks rickety – you can see it mounted up high, cantilevered over the gym, and looking at it in the past I’ve always envisioned that running on that thing would be this bouncy clanging exercise in ridiculousness.  But here’s the thing.  I’ve been itching to get out and run, I just haven’t done nearly enough of that lately.  But I’m too chicken to run on ice, and I loathe the dreadmill.  But, I was about to succumb and thought okay, why not try the track at least, it’s gotta be better than the dreadmill.

It actually wasn’t too bad.  It was kinda surreal – the surface is the kind that you just don’t hear your feet striking the ground.  No schlop schlop schlop of your feet hitting the pavement.  But the track is definitely very solid, no clanging, no bouncing.  I was afraid the 17 laps would be monotonous, but for the 2.6 miles that I did it wasn’t that bad.  Part of it was I could look at a big clock each time I came around and gauge how I was doing.  There was a zumba class going on in the gym below and there was definitely a different kind of music playing than I’m used to, but in some ways that made it kinda fun.  I will admit, the rhythm of the music didn’t match my pace AT ALL and that messes with you when focusing on your breathing patterns and such.  But all in all, it was a nice run.  I may even do it again.  

The other part of it is, I haven’t done a sustained 2 mlle run for awhile.  I started off walking 5 laps to warm up then went into 34 laps running, or 2 miles, wondering if I’d need to slow down to walk some intervals and such.  A lot of my runs lately have been run walks, so I didn’t know if I’d need to stop and walk a bit.  I was certainly ready to if I needed to, all part of that being extremely cautious about not over extending myself…  but I felt good all the way through.  

Not sure I would try to do a whole marathon though.  445 laps MIGHT just be enough to leave me with nightmares for a long, long time.  


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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