That Other Time for That Other Post Has Arrived

I suppose that title only makes sense if you read my last post, or I guess next to last post.  So of course now that I say that, do I just make you go read the last posts until you find what I was talking about or do I spill the beans?  Considering you may not come back if I make you go read the other posts, I guess I’ll spill.  

I was writing earlier about looking back on the past year.  I know, original concept for the end of December.  Nothing new under the sun?  Pshaw!  

Seriously, who says Pshaw any more?  For all I know, it may be no one ever really did — though that would be further basis on which to Pshaw that nothing new under the sun thing then, wouldn’t it?  Realizing how badly I need originality, well if that’s originality I’ll take it.

But I digress.  (One less tick off the originality scale).  Since I was reminiscing on what a good year it’s been (which I won’t go into here because I really don’t need any more reminders of my un-originality – or maybe for some odd reason I just seem really desperate for you to go read my last post.  But that might be that due to a couple long gaps of post-less-ness I don’t have many readers left, therefore I’m desperate for any readers even if I have to make them go back and re-read old posts).  What was I saying about digressing?  I WAS talking about reminiscing, and in that reminiscing I mentioned something about looking ahead to next year.  I wasn’t in such terrible digression mode then, so I had commented that that’s another post for another time.

To which, the title.  Although I just laid enough of a guilt trip on you about needing to have you read my earlier posts, so you’re probably off doing that, thus, from here on I’m probably talking just to myself.  Heck, I’m probably just talking to myself anyway.  Readers?  Pshaw.  

I just saw one of those schmaltzy motivational poster things on Facebook, and I do have to admit it caught my eye.  Not enough to really cause me to put a picture of it up here…  the more I am encouraged to share this that or the other thing on Facebook the more firmly I am entrenched against sharing.  Though this one didn’t encourage sharing, it was all purplish, so…  no, not gonna share it.  I just don’t share that much stuff.  Unless it’s funny sports things that make fun of other teams, or Calvin and Hobbes, or really good TED talks or…  well, okay, I do, but…  a man has to draw the line somewhere.  Besides I figured it’s better to dazzle you with my verbal brilliance in describing it.  

So in the middle was some motivational saying.  I know it was motivational because it said so.  Some of these things take themselves too seriously, you know?  (Kinda like some bloggers, I’m sure…  especially ones who over-digress…   which reminds me).  And it had this purple slash lavender background with circles that I don’t know if they’re supposed to look like sun spot kinda things which we all know are inspirational and was just feminine enough that makes another reason for a manly man not to post it, right?  See what I mean about verbal brilliance?

Aha!  I heard that.  People do say Pshaw after all!

Anyway, what caught my eye was that in each corner, it had posted 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2.  Well, not all 4 of those in each corner, that would look cluttered and definitely non inspirational.  But one in each corner.  

And see here’s the thing… if you’ve seen this you know exactly which one I mean.  I feel perfectly vindicated right now.  Granted, if you haven’t seen it, right now I’ve created this mental image of a blur.  At which point I have to take comfort in the fact I’m probably only talking to myself anyway.  

Annnnyway..  (I know, how many times does he have to use that word, right?) it dawned on me, that’s exactly what I’ve got planned this year.  Cherry Creek Sneak in April, 5K.  Bolder Boulder in May 10K.  Colfax Marathon for the half, also in May – actually 2 weeks before the Bolder Boulder, which 1 – makes it out of order, and 2 – makes me wonder how well I’ll be recovered from that one.  But since I’ve done the Boulder twice now I just have to…  call it a good recover run, right?  And then the Wabash Trace full marathon probably in September.  That one is pending,not totally sure they’re even having it and maybe I’ll pick something closer to home, who knows…  there you have it, 5K, 13.1, 10K, 26.2.  So the motivational thingamajig is only partially screwed up.

Now I do find myself thinking that one of the things I want to do is train myself for one of these long bike rides.  I always thought BRAN (Bike Ride Across Nebraska) sounded good because it starts at 4,000 feet elevation and ends at around 1,000.  That’s how to do a bike ride.  But it’s also summer in Nebraska, maybe there’s a good one in North Dakota.  I know, it sounds like a digression, but I do think I’m getting to something with this one.  If I stay on topic long enough anyway.

One of my Christmas gifts this year was this really big honking coffee mug.  Actually I got 2.  Just sharing that because it might explain some of the digression.

So the whole thing about the bike rides is, that is something that I want to work up to sometime, and I have to be honest, it does sound a bit more do-able than a freaking marathon.  I can do long bike rides a a heck of a lot closer to the normal pace than what I can do long distance runs in, that’s for sure.  But that’s ultimately the reason for going for a full marathon, because DOES seem so much more difficult.  Even though yes I’ve done a half now, and even though I walked more of it than I wanted I know through the training that I’m capable of more than I ever dreamed there, 26.2 still seems almost impossible.  And that’s why I’m going to do it. 

Now there is one reality that I have to take very seriously.  When I set out training for the half marathon last year, I was concerned that it would be too much of a beating on my body, especially on my joints.  300 plus pounds thumping away for hours on end can’t be the best for you, can it?  I was very conscious about form, I was almost convinced I’d run into some injury.  Maybe that figured into my decision to undertake the whole project to begin with, figuring I’d get hurt somewhere along the way and have an excuse to bow out?  I know my lower back was giving me fits at the end and was a lot of the reason for walking so much of the half, and who knows if that’s related.  But…  if I’m going to get serious about 26.2, I really do have to get more serious about the weight part of things too.  

I’ve sort of blamed some of that on some of the ‘conventional wisdom’ about needing lots of carbs at all these times when training.  I don’t know for sure honestly what is right, and maybe some of that whole approach really does work well for those skinny folk, the truth is I probably took that all as an excuse to allow myself too much crap for food I shouldn’t be eating no matter what your nutritional approach.  I don’t know, I did what I thought I was supposed to do nutritionally but the truth is I also wasn’t as intentional about what I ate and when I ate it.  There was a plan, but it was a loose plan, if that makes sense.  In some ways I think I just figured, okay, I had surgery earlier AND I’m doing this running, the rest will take care of itself, so I can be sloppy with the nutrition if I want to.  Yeah, I lost weight over the year, but not nearly enough.  So this year, the other piece is being more intentional about nutrition.

Actually, that’s the part I’m getting really pumped about.  A guy I know runs a fitness group and is doing a 90 day challenge.  It’s a bit expensive, way more than I ever thought I’d shell out for since I’m the kinda guy who thinks okay, got my Y membership, I can read up on what I need to do online somewhere, I’m good.  But ultimately the time comes where, if doing it yourself isn’t quite working the way you planned, then something has to change.  This program will include some one on one coaching, a lot of structure, some group and individual accountability, and some individual nutrition planning sessions.  Maybe the time comes where it just makes sense to have someone tell you what to do, you do it, because if you don’t do it you have to face up to all the other participants…  so I took the plunge.  I’m excited, because really I’ve never done anything quite like this.  

My goal for the 90 day challenge is 45 pounds.  Gotta wonder what kind of difference 45 pounds will make when doing those runs, eh?  I had a body scan done for this, and apparently what it found is with my skeletal mass and muscle mass and such, a reasonable end goal for weight is about 250.  Which makes me think damn, I must have a lot of muscle!  Of course, when this poor body is lifting 300 plus pounds every time I stand up, of course there’s gonna be a lot of muscle in there!  Let’s see you leg press 300 pounds!  And maybe as I get closer to that I may find that a lower amount is more appropriate…  but something about 250 just seems so much more achievable than the standard ‘you’re 6 foot 5 means you should be at 199 pounds’ approach.  And hey, if nothing else, I find a bit more legitimacy to being able to say I’m just big boned, right?

So, in a nutshell, I’m looking at a marathon by end of year and would love to be at goal weight by then too.  If for no other reason than at 250 pounds, my butt shouldn’t hurt nearly as bad after riding a bike several hundred miles through godforsaken country side for no real apparent reason in 2015.



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I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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2 Responses to That Other Time for That Other Post Has Arrived

  1. Best wishes in reaching your goal this year!!!

  2. “But ultimately the time comes where, if doing it yourself isn’t quite working the way you planned, then something has to change.” <– love this line!

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