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WARNING:  Boring introspective blah blah blah to follow.

Okay, now that I’ve successfully destroyed any chance of anyone reading further than that first line, it’s probably safe to be introspective because, well, there’s no one to bore now.

If a blogger blogged in the woods and no one was there to read it, it would be just another day in the blogger woods.  I was going to say something about doing something else in the woods but we covered that particular topic well enough in the last post.

Speaking of that last post, I think that’s the thing that started me on this blogging slash writing slash introspecting in the woods kind of stuff.  First off, I have to thank Krissy for sharing my last post.  I had the most visitors to my blog ever because of her, as she’s got quite a following (and well deserved – you need to check her blog out as she’s got a pretty inspirational story).  And the thing is I had a blast writing that one out.  I suppose if you write enough blog posts over time, something is bound to turn out well.  But then you write something like that, you get some great comments, and all of a sudden it’s like oh crap, how do I follow that one?

So, throw into the mix, next week I’m helping lead a workshop on blogging.  I’m freaking out a little here because, I enjoy blogging but let’s be honest…  I feel so under-qualified for this gig, you know?  I mean all I do is sit and spew out whatever random stuff is wafting through my brain, I have no real strategy and on top of it all I have something like 30 some followers.  And if you saw all the schizo stuff in my last post about this argument I’m having with myself, you can get a picture of the back and forth that goes on about this.  On the one side I’m floored and humbled that more that 1 person is following this blog, and that most of them are complete strangers.  And some of them are actually coming back more often than that.  And here I am loving and being floored by the fact that people I don’t know like to read what I’ve written.  But maybe there’s some false humility there, I don’t THINK it’s false, but if you sit here and do the logic on it, here I am writing this blog and I WANT people who don’t know me to read this blog.  Really now, does it make sense to want that and be floored by it actually happening?  And then I see some blogs who have hundreds or thousands of readers and I start thinking my 30 odd followers seems awfully piddly.  See, when you see that kind of inconsistency you realize that all that me myself and I back and forth probably isn’t as tongue in cheek as I make it.  Maybe there’s something serously wrong with this guy.

So what does a guy with about 3 dozen followers and an average of a dozen or so views per post have to offer in a blogging workshop?  All I can do is say what I write, give some ideas on what not to write, and show off some of how to set up a blog, I guess.

What they really need is someone like Jon Acuff.  He’s a guy who had a pretty popular blog for awhile, went through some career thing or another that no one really knows what happened but it did manage to wipe out his old blog at least for a little while.  Today he launched his new blog and got so much traffic he crashed the server.  What an incredible problem to have.  Okay, they might not be able to afford him.  I already made it clear I’d be happy with a dipped chocolate ice cream cone for my pay, maybe that’s why I’m doing it (though now their price went up, McDonalds doesn’t have those any more so now we’re talking the big bucks at Dairy Queen).

Maybe it’s just me having some guilt over being incredibly slow to respond.  One of the greatest compliments I ever got was a comment from BayRunnerJamie.  She had commented that she enjoyed my blog and had nominated me for something called the Shine On Award.  I’ve been horrible at acknowledging that, but I cannot begin to say how much I appreciated that.  She’s got such an energy and joy to her writing that is pretty infectious and it’s the kind of thing that really is an honor that she would think of my blog that way.  Part of my delay in responding to that is there’s a few things they suggest doing when you get this nomination and part of it is nominating some others.  I’m horrible at that because I hate the thought of leaving anyone out, if that makes sense.  And hopefully sometime I might sit down and think through things enough to pass it on with some other nominations, but at least while thinking of it, I do want to thank Jamie for her nomination.

So then to top it all off, I think about this major foot (or facebook post) in mouth post I did yesterday.  There are certain things, sports, politics, stuff like that, that really draw out the worst in people, and I’d had enough and decided to post my own snarky little comment.  I said there are glass half full types, glass half empty types and the glass just plain sucks types.  The moment I posted it I wished I hadn’t because honestly, I’d just insulted a couple of friends without being honest enough to insult them directly, if that makes sense.  I guess it’s the kind of thing to remember in the what not to post portion of the workshop?

Maybe I think too much about what I’m posting, or who’s reading it.  Even when I give a disclaimer that this is going to be a pretty boring post I wonder about the one person who will go right ahead and read it anyway and am I going to say something to offend them?

And in the end, there’s really not any resolution to the angst.  It just is what it is.

What kind of angst if any do you struggle with about your writing?




About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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2 Responses to Writing, Sharing, Verbal Vomiting, All That Fun Stuff

  1. Lilian Druve says:

    Well done, go on…!

  2. A runner fried passed this along to me, and I thought I’d share it with you. I found it funny 🙂

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