Sometimes it takes something simple to finally kick you out of a funk.

Even when you didn’t know you were in a funk.

I found out yesterday I have been accepted.  I am now a Bulldog.  That’s the mascot I guess for Concordia University.  I don’t know, do grad students go by the mascot name, especially if it’s all online and I’ll never spend a day on campus?  I guess it doesn’t matter, I call myself a Cornhusker even though I never went to the University of Nebraska.  I always figured that was just a birthright kinda thing.  

It’s a pins and needles thing when you’re waiting for confirmation on something like that.  I mean there’s no real reason to think I wouldn’t be accepted….  well okay, my undergrad GPA wasn’t exactly stellar.  In fact it wasn’t close to stellar.  I don’t even think it was in the same universe as stellar.  So maybe there was reason.  I’ve done well enough in the grad courses I’ve already taken so I was pretty sure I would get in.  But man, I hate waiting for that kind of thing.  

So yesterday I found out that the acceptance letter was going in the mail.  I suppose you are supposed to wait until you get that letter to do anything.  Pfffft.  The poor folk there at Concordia are probably hunting down that poor US Postal Service guy who picked up my acceptance letter to see if they can take back my acceptance letter after I started this flurry of emails with the department lead and financial aid people.  The next round of classes starts in 10 days, so I want to make sure I have everything ready to be able to get started.  

But the thing is, it’s just good to be working towards something again.  I had been so laser focused on the half marathon, but the truth is I’ve been kind of floundering since.  “Kind of” floundering can be taken in the same light as “wasn’t exactly stellar:” — a bit of an understatement.  Sheesh.  I have a thing for understating, don’t I?  I’m even understating my understatements.  But I digress.  A little.  Annnnnyway, I don’t know if I even really knew I was floundering, though I think somewhere along the line I knew I was?  

I know what I’m doing next when it comes to running.  But let’s be honest, going to a 5K after a half when I haven’t been totally satisfied with how I did in the half just doesn’t seem to elicit the same kind of focus.  But it’s not just that.  When the Bark Alarm goes off at 5 AM and I let the dogs out, or when I get home from work, I find myself almost lost then.  I’ll sit down and surf through the internet a bit.  I suddenly don’t have any brilliant ideas for blog posts (as if I ever have?).  I find myself looking for what I’m going to do next.  There’s no plan, there’s no focus.

The good news is the running bug hasn’t totally left me.  Looking through base layer and winter running stuff at the stores is now right up there with a trip to Home Depot or MicroCenter (also known as Geek Heaven – every kind of computer thing you could want!).  

Getting kicked into gear again with classes though seems to be snapping me out of my funk.  For me, it’s good to have my eyes set on something again.  Maybe it’s a temporary thing, I guess I’ll find out.  But when Foghorn and Leghorn the Rooster Dogs did their thing this morning, I was up quickly, let them out, and then was getting my things together to get over to the gym.  I had started a bit of a routine on the weight machines before starting training, and had abandoned that for the most part when I started training for the half.  It was good to be back at it.  I’m not going to be buff any time soon, if ever.  I’m starting to map out when I want to do my runs and where, what days I want to hit the gym.  It just felt really really good, and really really overdue.  

We won’t talk about the extra 5 pounds that the scale pointed out.  I always liked that scale because it was pretty reliable.  Someone’s been messing with it.  

A sense of purpose is a good thing.



About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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