What’s Happening To Me?

I will say this much.  I look in the mirror and I mostly recognize myself.  I mean, I see the difference in my face, in my gut not sticking out so much, things like that.  That’s pretty cool to see this slow change.  Someone told me the other days my calves were looking cut.  THAT felt good.  When I was young that was the one thing about my physique that I was most proud of, that the muscles in my legs were pretty well defined.  Chest and arms?  Meh.  Not so much.  Six pack?  pfffft.  If only the rest of me could be like my legs.  

Evidently there weren’t many leg women out there.  That or my legs weren’t as impressive as I thought.  

And I remember looking at my legs and wondering what ever happened.  Now even at my heaviest, I always took solace that my legs never got nearly as bad as the rest of me.  But they still showed it.  So at least in that one area it’s like whoa, I’m seeing a tiny, tiny piece of the old me.  That’s a good feeling.

But if I were to look at that other mirror — that mirror of the things i do, the things that aren’t about appearance, sometimes I think, I don’t recognize this guy, you know?

Any more, when I’m going for a run, I’m scaling back on the technology.  I still carry my phone because of the GPS tracking, but it’s really more for logging than anything else.  I’ve turned off the reminders of how far I’ve run and all these other things.  I just run.  I’m usually leaving the headphones behind and just enjoying the sounds or enjoying the chance to think or pray or just enjoy the run.  

On Wednesday when I’m not running, I’m thinking about tomorrow’s run.  That just kinda spooks me.  Who is this guy?

When I see other people running, I’m watching how their feet are landing now and thinking that’s good or else I’m thinking you’re going to hurt yourself that way!  

And now I’m eating on Saturday and thinking about how that’s going to affect me on Sunday.  This could really be a problem now that college football kicks off this weekend, you know?  

I was digging through stuff and found a couple of running magazines that were in my swag bag from the Cherry Creek Sneak in April.  That they were buried like they were is testimony enough that those were pretty much ignored.  

I read them both cover to cover.  

I start thinking of future vacations in terms of where there would be good places to run.  I start thinking how it would feel to run at lower altitude, on flatter routes.  I see marathons and half marathons advertised in scenic areas and think, that could be kinda fun.  There’s one in Sedona — the hills look NASTY but dang, the scenery!  And as slow as I run, that’s a LOT of time to enjoy it.

So, looking in that mirror I have only one question:  

Who are you and what have you done with Ron?


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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