There are good dips and bad dips

Good dips:  Dipped ice cream cones at McDonalds.  Yummmmm.  It’s about the only thing there I feel like getting any more.  I do like a couple of their salads but let’s be real, if I want to go to fast food for a salad, why would I go to McDonald’s when I could go to Chick Fil A.  Unless it’s Sunday of course.

Bad dips:  Dipped ice cream cones at McDonald’s. They’re cheap, they’re easy, they’re so yummy. And if not for these things I’m sure I’d be 30 pounds lighter. Bad bad bad bad ice cream cones.

And then there’s the Seth Godin dip.  Or Seth Godin’s The Dip.

Image of Seth Godin's The Dip shamelessly copied from http://sethgodin.typepad.com/the_dip/

Image of Seth Godin’s The Dip shamelessly copied from http://sethgodin.typepad.com/the_dip/

I haven’t read it yet, I suppose I should if I’m talking about it, right?  Especially because usually if it’s Seth Godin, it’s got some good stuff.  I bring it up because it was mentioned in class a couple weeks ago, that it applies as much to running as to so many other areas.  We go through these times where we’re in the middle of something and we just hit this dip, the kind where you just want to throw it all in.  Usually that’s the moment where, if you get through that moment or that dip, that’s the moment where you really knock it out of the park.  That’s the time where you really become your most productive.

Okay, cool concept, might be worth reading the book.  But…  what’s this about?

I gotta say, I wonder if I’m on the edge of dipping.  Though I don’t feel any loss of enthusiasm or desire or anything like this.  Maybe it’s just being a little apprehensive about tomorrow morning’s run.  We’re doing 7 miles and I wonder if I’m ready.

I’ve mentioned my ankle before.  I noticed it’s not actually my ankle, it’s the top of my foot right in front of the ankle.  Sometimes after a long run it swells up a touch right there and really just makes it stiff all around.  Actually, I get it a lot more if I’m on my feet for several hours, especially if I’m on ladders much, something I have to do sometimes for work.  And so that goes through my mind, wondering what’s up with that, why is that, and what is that going to be for me running really long distances?

Overall I’m not too worried by it all.  But I just get those times where I wonder, you know?  And I wonder if I should check it out, just.. wondering why that is happening?  It has never affected me while running, and only slightly affects me after a run, and ice and tylenol really help it out then.  But I know myself enough to wonder if it’s something I could get distracted by.

I did not get my run in yesterday.  I really can blame that on work.  And I wonder if I should have gone out at least for a short run today even though tomorrow is the long run.  I know last time I struggled on a long run, it was after getting only 2 runs in instead of the usual 3.

So maybe for the first time I’m a bit nervous about the run.  I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’ve been really good at watching my nutrition and hydrating today.

And this is where you hear people talking about how running is 80% mental and 20% physical.  There is something to that, isn’t there?

I do think I’m going to be okay and do okay, I really do.  Maybe it’s more I feel I need to type this out because it is really a record of how I’ve felt during this training, and I know how there’s a tendency for me to gloss over things like this, and I don’t want to do that, I really do want to capture some of the thoughts that go through my mind, even if they’re these little doubts before a big run.

And with that, it’s time to get my things together for the morning.  The run is out at Bear Creek, where we are going to be running the half marathon the end of next month.  Man it’s so hard to believe it’s getting that close.  It’s exciting too.  Especially to see progress like I never would have dreamed.

And maybe that’s the big thing.  A couple years ago, after I ran my first 5k, I was really ready to move to the next level, maybe shoot for a 10K.  And the next time I got out, I ran about 3 and a half miles, it went well, but… I really noticed how much harder it was.  And while I got out a couple more times for some runs, that really was it for me.  That was a definite dip, and not the good part of a dipped ice cream kind of dip, it was one I bailed on.  I think that’s the difference this time around, there’s a totally different approach, and I am determined not to let these questions be the kind of thing to get in the way this time.

Thinking maybe a dipped ice cream cone sounds like a good recovery snack, yes?


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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