They Say That Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Anyone remember that song by Neil Sedaka?


*** Crickets ***

I really, really have to quit dating myself with stuff like this, you know?

It’s funny because I’ll notice someone posted something at about 4 AM on their blog and think, what are you doing up THAT early…  then it dawns on me that it’s only 5 AM where I am and oh by the way, they were on the East Coast, so it was 6 when they posted so they were up later than me.

Ask any of my friends from college, i have never been a morning person.  Ever.  The beauty of living on campus in a small college was that an 8 AM class meant I could sleep til 7:55.  And I despised getting up that early.  And now here I am, one of those old fogeys who’s getting up at 5 AM.

I blame it on Foghorn and Leghorn, our two black labs (the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent and really annoying and noisy).  We always call them the bark alarm, and they have this thing about waking up at 5 and begging to get out.  And as time goes on, I’ve come to enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee after letting them out, reading, or the last few weeks getting ready for a run.

And then this morning I wake up at 4:30…  no sense going back to sleep now, so there is only one thing to do.  Wake up the dog.

They looked really pissed about having their sleep interrupted like that.

Revenge is kinda sweet, isn’t it?

Sunday was long run day, 6 miles this time.  We did a 2 mile loop around a park, I actually got lapped by some in the group who finished lap 3 before I finished my second.  It dawned on me there are a lot of people (and not just the super elite runners) who can do a half marathon in the time it took me to run 6 miles.

There’s two ways I can look at this.  I can be really depressed about how slow I am.

Or I can take heart.  Look at it this way, people:  I ran for a long enough time to able to do a half marathon.  Being able to run continuously for nearly an hour and a half is no small matter.  At least not to me.

And I could still walk later in the day.  I couldn’t say that after run/walking the Bolder Boulder a few months ago.  I was toast, let me tell you.  And I remember thinking I’d never be able to do that distance completely running.

I just did!

Crossing the line after the 6 mile long run

Crossing the line after the 6 mile long run


I’m feeling a bit psyched now.  Enough so that I’m over how it’s way too stinking early to be awake, and I’m thinking it’s time to get out and run.



About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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4 Responses to They Say That Waking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Erecca Witt says:

    Way to go! Sometimes the ugly runs are the best ones to learn from. My 7 mile run last night was 1:38 and I was disappointed. I really need to remember that a month ago I was sitting on the couch and now I eat 5ks for breakfast.

    • I love that ‘eat 5k’s for breakfast’ line. I might have to steal that. I think what you said is pretty key though, that we look at where we’ve come rather than dwell on what disappoints us. I love it now when people I work with look at me with this quizzical look like… you actually ran 6 miles? How’d you do that???

  2. Hey outstanding effort! What’s that meme say – something about today’s workout becoming tomorrow’s warm up. I also run with a group who lap me, and start after me and finish ahead of me -maybe one day I’ll get up to that speed but for now, conquering 13.6km was such a pleasure, even if I did come in at the tail end of the group. Keep going Ron!!

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I’m with you, right now it’s a maybe one day thing. It took me a long time to get into the kind of condition (or lack of condition) where running was so hard to get started on. So I know I’m not going to turn it around overnight.

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