Think I’ll Just Run Over to the Store

Who knew some day I’d mean that literally?

This morning I’m looking all around for some batteries and realize we used the last ones.  I was thinking shoot, I’ve got my training run and then I’ve got to get to work, I don’t have time to run over to the store also.

Did I just say run?

That’s when the math kicks in.  I’m scheduled for a simple 2 mile run.  The store is a mile away.  One mile out, one mile back, and even at 5:30 AM I’m able to add the two together.  Alrighty then, two birds with one stone (yes, more early morning math.  But don’t ask me to go beyond that until I’ve at least been able to complete my run and have let my heart have enough time to pump some oxygen into my brain.

So if I create a second paragraph to digress for a moment, is that still a digression?  If you want a really interesting read you should check out Brain Rules by John Medina.  It’s just some fascinating stuff about how the brain works, what kinds of things optimize the way it works.  He’s pretty big on how exercise makes a tremendous difference in your brain’s performance, to the point he thinks a treadmill is a great idea for a desk replacement.  I’m not ready for that, but anyway, for such a nerdy topic he writes it in a pretty engaging way.

Okay, end of non digression digression.

So, that was my run this morning.  Off to the store.  After running four miles yesterday and feeling quite okay at the end of it it kind of dawned on me, I could run to a lot of places now.  Shoot, I’m not that far from being able to run to work (6 and a half miles) — though they might not think it’s a great idea there since there’s no shower there.  So, why not a run to the store?


Running and taking pictures isn’t a great combination for me.  Either I have to stop to take the picture or it gets shaky, or both.  And then there’s the sweat on the lens factor.  Okay, sorry, TMI.  For some odd reason, the King Soopers parking lot is not quite the running mecca that Washington Park here in Denver is.  I don’t get that.

The funny thing is, after I got the batteries and chocolate milk…  I know, that wasn’t on the original list, I’m heading out the door and a guy who also just checked out comes up and asks if he can get a ride since he had to walk to the store.  I just smile, point to my running shoes and say sorry, I’m not sure there’s room for the both of us.  I think it’s then that he notices I’m a bit sweaty and that I’m not making up an excuse about not being able to give him a ride.

So I’ve mentioned sweat a couple of times.  That’s starting to make me wonder if running to the grocery store is a great idea, at least from the perspective of others who have to get their food there, you know?

As I’m running back then, I come up on Phil from Duck Dynasty walking the other way.  Seriously, the guy was a dead ringer.  I have to think that was partially intentional, the camo do-rag thing just doesn’t seem like a common fashion item.  But he sees me running along carrying my milk and batteries and smiles and says “Good for you, good for you!”  That Phil’s a pretty nice guy.

It felt like a pretty good run today.  I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve decided not to concentrate on speed as much as just running smoothly enough that my heart rate is in a good range.  How weird is this?  There are actually benefits to running slower.  Granted, it’s not a universal benefit, especially when you have to hurry to get ready for work.  Especially when it’s my day to ride my bike in to work.

But, when it comes to heart rate, what I’d love is to get to a point where an easy jog like this morning


can be right about where I am with a medium effort bike ride.


And maybe that doesn’t happen because no matter what, we’re looking at two totally different types of effort.  But then again, maybe it will because I’m quite sure that not all that long ago I’d have loved to have been able to run 2 miles with an average heart rate of 138.

It is a pretty cool feeling though, to have a bit of a different perspective now to the phrase “I think I’ll just run over to….”  I’m not sure it’s so good to feel so good though about some guy complaining about having to walk home half the distance that I’m about to run home.  I’ve been there.  But I don’t think that feeling good about that was about looking down at the other guy or anything negative about him, as much as it’s a sense of accomplishment.  I’m this almost 50 still really overweight guy, yet I’m about to run home from the store.  It’s more a sense of accomplishment, something else to say, I’m getting there.  There’s never anything wrong with feeling good about that.


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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2 Responses to Think I’ll Just Run Over to the Store

  1. Good run! How did you get started running? I am hopeful that once I get a bit more weight off that I can start running. I’d like to, anyway and am not sure how to get started since it’s been so long since I did any sort of running.

  2. It’s been very gradual. It started with a lot of walking to where I was comfortable with doing 3 mile walks on a very regular basis. And then when I felt like I was ready to start running, it started with just running for a few seconds with long walks in between. After several sessions like that then I’d add a few seconds to the run portion, take a few seconds off the walk portion, and do that for awhile. After a long enough time of that, I ended up doing the C25K (couch to 5k) training for a 5K race. It basically uses that same approach, it’s a set number of training runs where you go out three times a week. You do set intervals of walking and running, with the running intervals getting longer each week. Basically you just slowly increase your endurance.

    You should check out Jeff Galloway. He’s got a ton of stuff out there, he’s run all his life, was an Olympic runner, but he’s huge on run-walking, that even for experience runners it’s just as good to run for awhile, walk for awhile, off and on.

    The biggest thing is, pay close attention to your body. It will tell you if it’s not ready yet. Don’t argue, or it will hurt you. Our bodies are mean that way. Or smart that way, I’m not sure which. The other thing is be patient. Do what you can in a way you can enjoy, and over time you will find yourself able to do more.

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