The Scale Dance

So my scale and I have this little routine we go through.

First let me just say (not that anyone really is interested in this) I love our bathroom.  We tore out the old one and literally rebuilt the whole room, doing it ourselves (except the plumbing, figured it made sense to pay someone for that part).  It took years.  Literally.  I’m not sure this has any bearing at all on this post, I just like to brag about it though because, like I said, I love our bathroom.  We’ve got these awesome big reddish stonish tiles on the floor that feel great on the feet.

Now my scale, on the other hand, seems a little less impressed.  At least with the tile.  Maybe it has to do with the do it yourself part and so maybe the tile isn’t the most level so the scale doesn’t sit the most level?  I don’t know.  I just know that whenever I get on I do not trust the results.  Which begs the question, why do I ever get on?

Here’s the thing.  If you get a result, get off, nudge it up, down or to one side or the other and get on again, you get a different result.  It’s usually all within 2 pounds or so, but when you’re close to a milestone, that 2 pounds can be pretty maddening.  So, I will get on and off the scale 7 or 8 times, nudging it to differet places each time, looking for the highest reading.  I don’t know why it is that I think the highest reading is going to be the best one, other than at least then I can’t say well it’s a glitch that made it lower.

This morning, the dance was longer than normal.  I knew it might be, but…  I get on and it reads 329.  Sweet!  I’ve been waiting for that 2nd digit to hit 2.  My first post here, 37 days ago, I was at 338, so I’ve been doing this little 1-2 pounds a week progress downward.  There is something pretty amazing about that feeling when you break through a level for the first time.  Now, after enough times doing this silly scale dance, I know pretty well where the scale needs to stand and how to stand on it, but still, when it’s something official like hitting the 320’s, being UNDER 330, I have to be sure.  So it’s nudge, weigh, nudge, weigh, nudge, weigh, nudge, weigh, change batteries because I’ve worn them out already, nudge, weigh.  And the absolute highest I could come up with is 329.6.

I’ll take that as a victory.

Okay, yes, I did just run 2 miles and probably sweated a couple pounds off, so once I get my good share of water in me I’m right back over, but I’m okay with that because most of my other weigh ins are right after a run as well.  So if I get back on before going to bed I’ll almost guarantee it’s back over 330.

But that’s okay because then I can go to the Y.  I don’t have to dance with the scale there, it’s one of those with the sliding weights and is a bit heavy to be nudging around anyway.  It always weighs a couple pounds less than my scale at home.  As does the one at the doctor’s office.  I’ll gladly trust those over my home scale on a crooked floor.  So I’ve known for the past couple of days that I’m pretty sure I’m below 330.

It’s not official yet though.  It’s really official when I can get on the Wii Fit board.  It hasn’t let me play for awhile now because 330 pounds is the maximum.  There’s a lot of embarrassment at being too big for something like that.  That’s why 330 is such a milestone.  I can get on it, have it call me fat (it literally does that) and that’s okay because… it will let me play!

I know, tomorrow’s supposed to be an off day for running.  I gotta say, this makes me wanna go bust out a 5 miler now, cuz I want to blow through the 320’s.


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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4 Responses to The Scale Dance

  1. Erecca Witt says:

    I have found scaled to be extremely temperamental and usually on my bad side by the time I done. I really wanted to say Congrats! on making the choice to better your health and body. Running a half marathon is my goal also. I look forward to the day I accomplish this goal. I will keep you following your journey. So inspiring!

  2. Oh I know the scale dance! I loved your use of the word “milestone.” I happen to have been thinking lots about that very word today so it is rather timely for me. I am doing the scale dance with my own milestone so I really enjoyed knowing I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Ah the scale, she is fickle! I am currently fighting the urge to step on her every day because it’s fun to see the numbers crawl down, but I know she fluctuates too much daily.

    I also wanted to say I give you props for running and training for your half-marathon. I am not quite there yet as I don’t feel comfortable enough running on these knees at my weight. Once I’m out of the 300’s, though, I plan to start a training class at a local running store called 9 to 5K.

  4. What I do, and I don’t know if this is effective anywhere else but in my head, is I “calibrate” my scale with a 10 lb. weight. In theory the weight must be 10 lbs because it says 10 lbs on it, right? I put the weight on the scale, move the little needle around until the scale reads 10 lbs., and then I feel like the needle is in the right position to record my weight. Whether or not I’m just fooling myself, who knows, but that’s how I do it.

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