Trust the Rest… Trust the Rest….

This is my fourth week of training now.  I honestly cannot say it’s any different yet than when I was training for a 5k, especially towards the end of training where I’m running just as long just as often as what I’ve been doing now.  But something just feels different.  I feel better.  

Maybe because I’m getting faster?  I was stoked when we did our 1 mile run and I got in just under 14 minutes, and yesterday I did my last half mile in 6:25, so basically a pace that’s better than a minute a mile off.  I saw that time and I didn’t want to stop running.  

Though if I stop and think about it I’m not sure I can call a 13 minute mile pace faster because that implies fast to begin with.  But it does sound better than less slow, so I’ll stick with faster.

Maybe it’s because I’m paying so much more attention to nutrition at this stage than I did.  Okay, even that sentence is misleading because that implies I paid attention to nutrition at all before, at least in relationship to running.  I do find myself consciously looking at food differently and thinking in terms of how it will make me feel running.  

And maybe it’s just this whole blogging thing.  I’m getting comments for gosh sakes!  Okay, I think it was one comment, but still, it’s a comment.  It’s not all crickets.  It’s not so much that I guess as it is feeling more part of a community.  I’ve been finding other blogs of people who are setting out like I am to try something they never would have thought possible.  I’m enjoying the community of being part of the class and doing the group runs.  All of this has an incredible way of motivating.

Whatever it is, maybe it’s a combination of all those things, I’m feeling so much more motivated and excited about running.  I’m looking forward to getting out there rather than thinking oh crap, is it running day again?  

But that’s what makes it so hard to follow the advice I’ve received:  Trust the rest time.  It’s a beautiful morning and I want to go run again, but it’s a rest day.  I’m chomping at the bit really.  

Or maybe it’s those chia seeds I picked up yesterday.  

I wonder if I’ll feel this way before the race in September?

I know the reasons for resting.  There’s all this stuff out there that has shown that taking the time to rest at the right times does as much to bring you along and keep you going as any other part of your training.  Maybe even more.  

I get that.  I see it out there, and I think maybe God knew what he was doing when he said take time to rest.  

I also get why he actually HAD to say it.  

Trust the rest.  Trust the rest.  Trust the rest…….

It’s still so early in the training – it shouldn’t hurt to go out now, should it?  I know, I know… trust the rest.    That, and some other good advice I’m getting is that some of the value of training is not just building up the endurance to run longer, but to build up the patterns and behaviors that will be so important when it’s time for the really long runs.  

Okay.  I’ll trust the rest.  But so help me if I find out that the rest isn’t as necessary as I have been led to believe, heads will roll!


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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2 Responses to Trust the Rest… Trust the Rest….

  1. Josh Walter says:

    Don’t fear, you won’t discover that the resting portion is misleading, because your body builds itself when you’re resting, not while you’re exercising, funny as that may sound. Sure I may talk a lot about how I personally dislike running, but that’s only because of how big of a contributor running became to my stress before leaving the Army. During my final deployment in between complete lack of sleep (36 hours of work and ‘maybe’ 12 hours downtime), the decision about whether I wanted to remain in the Army and other issues, my dropping run speeds and motivation to run at all became a big problem on the pile, I was running 6-7 miles daily with no rest days forcing myself to build my run speed up again, but it was my relentless attempts to build myself up that really was breaking me down. When I first started in the Army, I came to love running, built myself to 13 minutes for 2 miles and was running at the front of the pack on our distance runs.

    Sure maybe in my current state, it would almost seem hypocritical to give advice for running, but focusing on your nutrition surely helps. You feel better because whether you notice it or not, as you lose weight, it becomes easier to run, and really will be the biggest factor towards increasing your run speed. I believe they say that every 3lbs is equivalent to 5-8 seconds per mile. Next, I’m not sure what your training schedule for running looks like, but in all reality the second biggest factor to aid with running is really breathing, breathing, breathing. Your body can handle the physical motion of running, but really it feels like it starts to lock up if you are not getting proper levels of oxygen and that attributes to cramps and pains just as much as dehydration. So in between your distance runs, a good focus is sprint runs where the whole purpose has nothing to do with distance or time for distance, but focusing on knocking the wind out of your body as quickly as you can, relaxing, doing it again and again, stretching your lungs to absorb more oxygen and working up your heart rate which delivers that oxygen to your muscles. Sprint until you can’t breathe, take it to a slow jog, don’t walk, sprint again, etc… biggest key in this is to not walk and never stop moving until you are done.

    Anyway, keep it up! I have faith you’ll do great come September!

  2. I’m with you! I love the community here, and it’s so motivating. I can’t wait to get home and start taking pictures, measurements, etc. and to get started. There’s something about people doing the same thing/encouraging me that really keeps me going. You’ve got ME excited about my half marathon training. I can’t wait to get back into the mindset you just described here. Enjoy your rest! 🙂

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