Bad Math and Bad Alarms

I was one of those guys who slept til the last possible moment, woke up just in time to get a shower in, hit the road and get to work just in time.  I had it all calculated out so I could sleep to the last possible moment.  I remember trying a college class that started at 7 AM.  Living on campus (on a very small campus) meant I could sleep til 6:50.  That still was too early.  I had no choice but to drop the class.

I never thought I’d be the guy who was usually up around 5 AM.  No way.  Not gonna happen.

Then two things happened.  I got old, and I got dogs.  

Getting old could translate to what I call the bladder alarm.  You learn to do one of two things when that’s going off.  There is the snooze alarm approach which means trying to sleep through it.  That never works.  After awhile you finally learn to shut it off.  There for awhile, that was a great solution:  get up, take care of business, go back to bed.

Then came the dogs.  I think I must have made our neighbor mad.  When his dog had puppies, he offered one to our son.  Then through some brain fart we decided to take two of them.  Two black labs…  another of those what were we thinking moments.  And that question comes up every time they decide it’s time to get up, usually about 5 AM.  That is what I call the bark alarm.

There for awhile I’d get up, let them out, get them some food, go back to bed.  Somewhere along the line I found this is a good time to read, relax with some coffee, and I started staying up.  Don’t tell anyone this, but I actually kind of enjoy it now.

Then this morning.  The bladder alarm went off waaaaay too early, about 4.  Sorry, even for me that’s too early.  Of course I thought of doing the snooze alarm approach because getting up would risk setting off the bark alarm.  No.  I just have to shut it off.  And I climb back into bed.  

And the dogs decide to sleep in.  

How weird it is for me to be sitting here at 5:30 thinking I overslept.  

Here’s the problem.  The ideal is to eat a half hour to 45 minutes before you run.  Then there’s the time to get suited up for a run.  Then to run – this wouldn’t be a problem if I were one of those 7 minute milers, I could knock out my two mile run in no time.  Then, definitely get showered.  This is for the sake of those I work with.  And get to work.  I have to be in early today, so… the math doesn’t add up.  

So here I am posting this.

It’s driving me nuts.  I can run when I get home, but it’s so much hotter out then.  That and there’s just this restlessness.  I used to dread running.  Now I just want to.

I should be running.


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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