Toto, I have a feeling I’m in Kansas

I just got there.  Really.  I know, I’m sitting here on my patio in Denver typing this, but really, I’m in Kansas.

Cue the Violins, the Guitars and a little Dust in the Wind.

There’s a fun little website that allows you to log your runs, walks, and bike rides and it plots out where you would be with that mileage on a virtual race across the country on the transcontinental trail.  The website is at  I started tracking a couple years ago, and this week I just got into Kansas.  1566 miles through Virginia, Kentucky Illinois and MIssouri and now I’m in the heart of Pittsburg Kansas.  It’s a fun little site, I see both a motivational and discouraging aspect to it.  It’s cool to see where you’re at, it will show the progress across the contry and pictures of where you are currently.  Like this view of the lovely land of Pittsburg Kansas.

Did you know there was a Pittsburg Kansas?

The discouraging part of it is, it’s cool to see I’ve done 1600 miles self powered over a couple years.  But it also breaks it down, and in all that time I’ve run a total of 150 miles and walked 300.  I mean sure, there’s probably stuff I’ve not logged, though I’m pretty fanatical about turning on my GPS tracking app whenever I go out.  I guess the good news is when all the training is done I should have doubled the overall running mileage.  There is something exciting about the anticipation of being at that point where something’s on the way and tomorrow’s not the same as today.

I’m glad it’s just a virtual journey.  I’ve actually been to Pittsburg and while it’s okay, it’s stinking humid there.  It’s the kind of place where you definitely feel like you’ve crossed the point of no return.  I’m quite happy to enjoy cooler, drier weather here.

But for what it’s worth, Kansas was quite definitely one of the best bands.  Ever.

I’m only saying what’s on my mind.

Anyway, today we had our third long run.  Just a 2 miler again…  I thnk I said this before but it feels REALLY good to say JUST a two miler.  And I felt pretty good after it was done, what is really good is I haven’t felt really wiped out and super stiff after doing these runs so far, which is a good sign.

Though I do wonder what it will be like when we get up to those 10 and 11 mile runs, where I will be able to say that the path that I have chosen has led me to a wall.  I keep hearing about the wall you hit on these really long runs, I wonder what that will be like.  The scary thing is that I almost look forward to finding out, it would mean I’ve really come a ways, you know?

And I look and see I have 1% battery left on my laptop which means it’s time to wrap this up and publish, so…. carry on my wayward sons..  daughters?  Friends.

I’m quite sure Kerry Livgren was thinking originally of calling it Carry on my wayward friends…  I’m just glad he realized it didn’t sound quite right.


About Ron Walter

I'm just a guy who was so out of shape he couldn't run to get out of the rain. I'm taking my life back. It's not always perfect, not always successful. The victories though are greater than the defeats. I plan to keep it that way.
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